Administrators and Trustees

We provide services to employee benefit companies, pension administrators and individual employers. Our workplace retirement solutions are designed to increase member engagement and education to help ensure that members understand their options and get the best possible outcomes.

We have extensive experience in building services tailored to your membership. Services that satisfy your operational and commercial priorities, whilst ensuring you fulfil your fiduciary duties.

Just DB Soultions, also part of Just Group plc, offer bulk annuities for Defined Benefit schemes and can price on a medically underwritten and standard basis. Please visit, email or call 01737 233 296 for more information. 

DC Scheme Income Options (Annuity)

Securing the highest personalised guaranteed income for your members.

DC Scheme Income Options (Annuity & Drawdown)

Offering retirement income choice and flexibility to your members.

Annuity Broking Software

An annuity service as an in-house software solution

DB Scheme Retirement Income Costing

A Scheme Pension costing benefit service, with a fulfilment option available.