Destination Retirement

Destination Retirement

Retirement can be complicated, but it doesn’t need to be.

Approaching retirement? You may need to start thinking about how you’ll convert your hard-earned savings, pensions and investments into an income. It’s an important decision, and you’ve got plenty of options. But how do you know what the best decision is for you?

That's where Destination Retirement can help.

*The first three stages (Think, Plan and Find) are absolutely free. The Buy stage is when we'll help you implement the products you need to make your retirement plan work. It's at this stage that there will be a charge for the service. Like all financial advisers we charge a fee for this service, although you'll find that our fee is much lower than the average for traditional advice. The charge will depend on what products you need, so we'll be able to give you more detail on the amount at the Find stage.

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