How it works

How it works

Our aim is to understand all of your retirement needs and to help you build a secure retirement income from the bottom up. So our advice begins with your security – we start there and move upwards depending on what funds you have available and where you’re starting out from.

The foundation: Immediate concerns and debt readiness

The foundation addresses immediate concerns and debt. This would mean using your pension savings to manage insoluble debts such as arrears on mortgages, credit cards or personal loans. We believe the repayment of such debts should be prioritised as they could cause financial instability, emotional stress and hardship and serve to hinder your enjoyment of retirement.

Level 1: Essential income

This is where a person’s retirement income is enough to provide what they need to sustain only the most basic of needs. Their income will pay for their essential expenses and cover their essential bills.

Level 2: Safety fund

This is where a person is able to also build up a rainy day emergency fund (enough to cover them if they lost their income for 6 months, or to handle an urgent house repair) in addition to covering all of their monthly outgoings.

Level 3: Freedom income

At this level, a person’s retirement income allows them to enjoy their retirement with such things as small holidays and entertainment. They have a little ‘extra’ to enjoy life with.

Level 4: Gifts

At this level, a retiree has enough income to make gifts to their family, or take on such things as education expenses for a loved one.

Level 5: Dreams

Not many retirees will reach this level, where they are able to spend their retirement checking off dream items on their ‘bucket list.’ These retirees have significant personal wealth, and a retirement income significantly greater than they need for a comfortable life.

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