Information I need to give you

Information I need to give you

There are a number of things that you will need to consider when deciding whether an equity release plan is right for you.  

To help, we will ask a number of questions that ensure you understand the options available, and are fully aware of the potential risks and benefits of each.  

Many of them will revolve around your current and future financial needs – for instance if there is anyone else depending on you for financial support; or if you expect to make any large repairs to your home in the near future.

What information might you need from me? 

We are likely to ask for information about you and your finances, including:

  • How you currently fund, or plan to pay for, your retirement
  • Information about your family and any dependant/s you may have
  • Your current health and how it could affect your future plans
  • Your current financial position – whether you have any outstanding debts which need to be paid for
  • What your objectives and priorities are for your future
  • What your views are on house prices, and how important owning your own home is

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