DC Scheme Retirement Income Options (Annuity only)

If you're a DC pension scheme trustee/administrator or sponsor we can provide a tailored service to support your members in identifying the right open market annuity for them. Used by some of the UK's largest schemes, our solutions combine educational content, market data analysis, personalised reports and excellence in service delivery to ensure that members get great outcomes.

The service is flexible. We provide a complete fulfilment package tailored to your scheme. Where appropriate we can provide a software deployment to support your team in serving retiring members in-house.

Benefits to you

  • The service can be tailored and branded to your needs.
  • We have significant experience and expertise in agreeing processes with scheme administrators and product providers.
  • We can provide a fulfilment service or we can provide you with the software to enable you to fulfil the service yourself.

Features of the service

  • Member education and communication support – pre and at retirement. This includes access to our online 'Assist' tool which can be used to model a full range of options and is further supported by our experienced UK based telephone team.
  • Personalised pre-retirement reports detailing open market annuity rates are issued to outline options and support decision making.
  • We take care of the transfer of funds and keep the member updated through to completion.

Benefits to the member

  • Comprehensive educational support throughout the process helps ensure informed decisions.
  • The process supports members in selecting the shape of annuity that best suits their personal circumstances.
  • Full investigation into lifestyle and medical factors and a whole of market broking process helps ensure that the highest possible rate can be secured.

Commercial details

We operate a range of commercial solutions dependent on a partner's specific objectives.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.