DC Scheme Retirement Income Options (Annuity & Drawdown)

If you're a DC pension scheme trustee/administrator or sponsor we can provide tailored services to ensure that your members get a retirement income that meets their needs. Using our advised processes to examine the member's needs we will investigate the guarantees of an annuity, the flexibility of drawdown and how they might combine to create a personal recommendation.

Used by some of the UK's largest schemes, our retirement income solutions combine educational content, market data analysis, personalised advice recommendations and excellence in service delivery supporting members in getting great outcomes.

Benefits to you

  • We have significant experience and expertise in agreeing processes with scheme administrators and product providers.
  • A comprehensive service offering that provides a robust process ensuring consistent member outcomes.
  • The service has been developed to support members of schemes in receiving retirement advice in a cost effective manner.

Features of the service

  • A preparation pack is issued in advance of a fact find call, allowing members to gather the relevant information.
  • A personal recommendation is provided based on the individual's circumstances. This considers annuities, drawdown and the mix that would best suit the member.
  • Fulfilment through to completion, delivered by an experienced UK based support team.

Benefits to the member

  • Pre-engagement communications designed to help customers understand their options and the impact of their decisions.
  • The member receives a personal recommendation on how their funds can be used to meet their retirement income needs.
  • Assistance throughout the process to deal with any queries.

Commercial details

We operate a range of commercial solutions depending on a partner's specific objectives.

Employers can spend up to £150 on financial advice for an employee without this being treated as a benefit to the employee for income tax purposes.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.