Life Companies

We work with some of the UK's largest life companies and support them in meeting their business objectives.

We understand the complexity that surrounds your business. We offer a variety of flexible solutions and will work with you to match those solutions to your business requirements.

Our services can help overcome legacy issues, improve customer outcomes and deliver to strategic ambitions. We'll work with you to ensure that any solution has both you and the customer at its core.

Guaranteed Annuity Rate Service

Optimal outcomes for you and your customers in one seamless journey.

Annuity Broking Service

Helping secure the highest guaranteed income for the customer's circumstances.

Income Drawdown Service

Access to the range of products afforded by pension freedoms.

Retirement Income Service

Accessing the benefits of both our annuity and income drawdown services.

Equity Release Advice Service

Providing access to the growing equity release market.

Interest Only End of Term Solution

Enabling solutions to interest only mortgage redemption, driving towards positive outcomes for customer and lender.

Care Funding Advice Service

Personal solutions for funding long term care.

Guaranteed Annuity Rate Software

A GAR service as an in-house software solution.

Annuity Broking Software

An annuity service as an in-house software solution.

DC Scheme Income Options (Annuity)

Securing the highest personalised guaranteed income for your members.

DC Scheme Income Options (Annuity & Drawdown)

Offering retirement income choice and flexibility to your members.


Our solution to your PS17/12 regulatory obligations.

DB Scheme Retirement Income Costing

A Scheme Pension costing benefit service, with a fulfilment option available.