Income Drawdown Service

Are you a financial services brand, a pension provider or a company with a significant presence in the mature market? If so, there's a chance you'll have a large number of customers approaching their retirement. Our pension drawdown services provide customers with access to the income flexibility brought about by pension freedoms.

Depending on their needs, customers can use either our advice services (simplified or restricted) or our non-advised service. These services can be tailored and white labelled to suit your objectives be they commercial, regulatory or strategic.

Benefits to you

  • An additional service offering that is straightforward to deploy and meets customer needs whilst offering commercial opportunities for you.
  • Reassurance that your customers have received regulated financial advice or thorough information to determine the product that meets their needs for retirement income.
  • Helps you to meet your regulatory obligations through a robust process of customer education and we'll take regulatory responsibility for the customer journey.

Features of the service

  • Advised or non-advised services available.
  • Our advised service takes customers through their income and expenditure, their needs and requirements for their pension fund, and their attitude to risk to ensure that drawdown is right for their individual circumstances.
  • Our non-advised service enables customers to take their tax free cash and invest the rest. This requires customers to make their own choices and informed decisions in regards to their investment funds, but with the reassurance that they have been made aware of the risks and considerations.

Benefits to the customer

  • Opportunity to access the flexibility of drawdown with a suitable level of support (either advised or non-advised). This is coupled with an end to end service from our UK based telephone team.
  • Access to tax free lump sums whilst keeping the balance invested in a range of funds.
  • Flexible access to residual funds with the opportunity for ongoing reviews with a qualified adviser.

Commercial details

We operate a range of commercial solutions dependent on a partner's specific objectives.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.