Affinity Partners

We work in partnership with a variety of household names to provide additional services that are complementary, deliver to a customer need and offer the organisation a commercial opportunity.

Our partners are diverse organisations from the charitable, media, consumer and lifestyle sectors. They vary in both their scale and objectives. We can provide end to end fulfilment and marketing support, whilst taking the regulatory responsibility for the customer journey.

We offer a range of services that may be of benefit to your customer. These can be deployed in isolation or as part of a wider package dependent on your needs.

Annuity Broking Service

Helping secure the highest guaranteed income for the customer's circumstances.

Income Drawdown Service

Access to the range of products afforded by pension freedoms.

Retirement Income Service

Accessing the benefits of both our annuity and income drawdown services.

Equity Release Advice Service

Providing access to the growing equity release market.

Care Funding Advice Service

Personal solutions for funding long term care.