Annuity Broking - as an in house software solution

If you deal with pension clients, be it as a trustee, scheme administrator, financial intermediary or product provider, we can supply the software that will help your clients to achieve the highest income at retirement based on their personal circumstances. Our software can support an advised or non-advised sale, generating all of the necessary documentation to help you and your client complete the process.

Benefits to you

  • Our annuity broking software provides an efficient, cost-effective and professional solution helping you to meet regulatory expectations.
  • The software can be tailored to your business needs. We have significant experience and expertise in agreeing processes with scheme administrators and product providers.
  • Development costs are reduced by using a proven system with full on-going support provided.
  • Potentially income generating whilst providing the option to exit the longevity market if applicable.

Features of the service

  • The intuitive online software not only provides a consistent process using industry best practice data collection, but it also captures a full audit trail of actions.
  • It can be set up to access whole of market rates or a specific panel of your choice.
  • The software generates branded, bespoke client outputs to facilitate client education and communication, including an individual client website.
  • An online system provides a conversation framework and all of the documentation necessary to complete the process.

Benefits to the customer

  • The software is designed to provide all of the information they need to make informed decisions.
  • Designed to help customers get the highest income possible for their particular circumstances.
  • They can decide on their preferred method of communication – whether that be by phone, post, online or a mixture of all three.

Commercial details

There is an initial installation cost that allows for the development, design and operational delivery driven by your specific requirements.

In addition there are ongoing licence and software fees payable to cover infrastructure maintenance, capacity demand, reporting and legislative updates.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.